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Alex Picard

Audiobook Narrator, Actor


Have I got a story for you...

The Seaport in Boston, MA

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About Alex...

Home Recording Studio

-Vanguard V4 mic

-Apollo Twin X 

-Studio One


-Mac Mini 2021




Trained in IPA. 

British RP, Southern, Scottish, Russian.


Comfortable with French, and a good ear for Portuguese. 

An award-winning and highly versatile actor with an MFA in Acting, Alex has played roles from Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to Beatrice in Much Ado and from Annie Wilkes in Misery to Dorine in Tartuffe - her range and agility with characters make her an ideal choice for literary fiction, comedy and titles filled with things that go bump in the night.  


Her love of Star Trek and Star Wars brings life to the most courageous of Captains and the quirkiest of Aliens in the outer reaches of space.


A lover of all things dark and twisty (since smuggling home Agatha Christie’s and Stephen King’s in her 5th grade backpack), she’s recorded titles ranging from cozies to comedy and lit fic to thrillers for Penguin Random House, Harper, Brilliance, Tantor and Blackstone among others.


As a former college theatre professor (once awarded Faculty Member of the Year) her depth of knowledge and expertise lend an accessible and engaging yet authoritative voice of experience to that educational non-fiction title, or heart and humor to that overworked teacher looking for love.


When she’s not in the booth she enjoys taking to the skies with her pilot husband (the real Captain Picard), hanging out with her kiddos, losing games of Catan, and figuring out what's for dinner (actually, she doesn't enjoy that last one at all). Alex is a terrible cook, not much of a housekeeper, once ran a marathon in a pandemic, works really hard to keep plants alive, and despite her passion for her favorite genres of Thrillers and Horror, has an unnatural fear of paper cuts.

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Let's give them something to talk about...

“Alex Picard is highly professional and incredibly talented. She has a deep understanding of how to capture and convey the emotion and intent of an author's words whether for fiction or nonfiction.”


Jeff Guillot

Head of Audiobooks, Scribe Media

"Thank you so much for taking such care of my characters."!!

Melissa Lenhardt

Author, Run Baby Run

"Alex has impressive instincts and is truly a delight to work with."

Karlyn Daigle

Audiobook Director, Penguin Random House

"Alex Picard devours hearts with words for snacks."

Jacquelyn Benson

Author of the London Charismatics Series

“Alex Picard is an excellent actor with exceptional instincts for narration."


P.J. Ochlan

Award Winning Narrator, Coach,

Producer Lepton Productions

"Alex Picard breathes life and beauty into the written word. A consummate actress and a brilliantly nuanced narrator..."


Tori Eldridge

National Bestselling Author of Dance Among The Flames

"What attracted me most to Alex’s narration was the level of emotion underlying the words. Her clear, smooth tones draw the reader into the story and never let go."


Margie Benedict

Author of Before He Vanished

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