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New Release: The Dolphin House by Audrey Schulman for Europa Editions Audio

Coming soon: He Knows My Name by Raven McShane with Scribe Media, Dance Among the Flames by Tori Eldridge with Deyan Audio for Blackstone Audio, and Product Market Management Misunderstood for Scribe Media.

Recording Now: Wrapping a Romance for Tantor Audio and Prepping Memoir for Findaway Voices!

Fiction - Female Dialogue - Southern Accent
00:00 / 01:51
Thriller - Female Dialogue
00:00 / 02:26
YA Fantasy - Male/Female Dialogue
00:00 / 02:08
Middle Grade - Fantasy - Group Scene
00:00 / 01:56
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Non-Fiction - Memoir
00:00 / 01:32
Cozy Mystery - Comedy - Male/Female Dialogue
00:00 / 02:20
Fiction - Mystery
00:00 / 01:33
Literary Fiction
00:00 / 01:27


Accents/Dialects/Languages: Trained in IPA, accents and dialects with a good ear.  British, Irish, Southern. Comfortable with French, and a good ear for Portuguese. 


Home Studio! 

Vanguard V4 microphone


Focusrite Scarlett Solo i/o


Pro Tools, Punch and Roll


Just a happy lady in her Grampa narrating sweater and her roomy booth.


In the sixth grade, I wanted to be an Archeologist, until I realized that I liked the stories of the Greek Gods much more than digging in the dirt.  Then I wanted to be an Astronomer, until I realized that I liked the stories of the constellations much more than looking through a telescope.  Luckily, before I started reading Agatha Christie, I realized it was the stories that I loved more than how I found them. That led me to the theatre and now, here.  I bring over 20 years of acting experience to my narration of a variety of audiobook genres. Narration with truth, heart and connection. A love of stories, complicated, dark and twisty characters, belly laughs, and hope. I am a member of the Audiobook Publishing Association (APA) and PANA (Professional Audiobook Narrators Association) and record in my home studio in NH. When I'm not in my booth I might be running (did I mention I'm a marathoner?) or hanging out with our two girls, and my husband (did I mention he's a pilot?) the real Captain Picard.